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You will have your audio files ready for transcription. We have tips available for effective recording. In order to provide a quote and some idea of the turnaround time, for transcription, you need to supply the length of the recording/s, an idea of the content - how many speakers, is it a conference, a focus group, an interview, the subject matter - and the required deadline for return. 


Most audio is transcribed "intelligent verbatim", that is no unnecessary words are transcribed, eg er, hmm. Strict verbatim can be provided at a higher cost. 

The rate is per audio minute and may depend on the type and quality of recording, and whether timecodes are required. Please use the contact form for a quote.

Once you are happy to proceed, you can use our secure file transfer service via the link below (via MailBigFile). We do also accept CD recordings.

You will have your printed document or handwritten text to be typed. We need to see a sample of the document to give a quotation. The rate would be charged per page. Please use the quote form opposite to provide full details.

We accept payment via BACS or PayPal within 30 days of the invoice date. Private individuals will need to pay in advance, please.

Foot pedal with boot.JPG

A foot pedal is commonly used by professional transcribers, to be able to easily play, pause and rewind an audio file, leaving their hands free for speedy typing.

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  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements can be set up if required

  • Transcripts and audio files are not kept longer than strictly necessary

  • Our transcriptionists are fully trained and aware of how to treat confidential information. They have signed confidentiality agreements.

  • We hold registration as a data controller with the Information Commissioner's office (certificate available on request). 

  • We use MailBigFile, see their security policy and GDPR-compliance here

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