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Typing Angels has been established for 15 years now, and we have had a wide variety of customers over that time. Here they are, past and present. Bullet points show which key skills were utilised.

Sporting organisations

Premier League football team

Interviews, YouTube footage, PR for the club, international coverage.

  • Familiarity with the players’ names but research into other teams.

  • Understanding different accents as many players are from all over the world.

  • Understanding various football terminology.

International sporting federation

Regular lengthy meetings, with many international speakers.

  • Time management to ensure that many hours of transcription were delivered on time.

  • Familiarity with speakers’ voices over time, and interpreting various accents.


Online meetings for several specialist healthcare communications companies.

  • Ensuring accurate transcription of various medical or pharmaceutical terms, either by reference to the presentation slides or by research.

  • A glossary was set up for the various medical conditions, which would often be quite lengthy.

  • Often working to tight deadlines, so time management to ensure a timely turnaround.

  • Concentration and attention to detail.

Local authorities

Mainly transcribing for Trading Standards departments for several local authorities.

  • Confidentiality and adherence to PACE transcription guidelines (Police & Criminal Evidence Act).

  • Ability to understand different accents on occasion, and mumbling/unclear speech.

  • Managing a large project of many hours of telephone call recordings for a particular case, to ensure that it was organised effectively and returned for the required deadline.

Mutual friendly society

AGM which spanned several days. Various speakers. Formal structure with agenda and minutes.

  • Time management to ensure that a large amount of transcription was delivered within a short timescale.

  • Familiarity with the speakers’ voices over time, referring to a list of speakers provided by the client.

  • We regularly transcribed these AGMs for several years.



Several clients work in the area of information and cybersecurity.

  • Research into the various terms, and speakers’ backgrounds.


Clients have included investment companies and private financial advisors.

Transcribed a weekly podcast for a well-known investing advice company.

  • Research and familiarity with various financial terms, and details of various companies.


For private clients, have transcribed a personal autobiography; various medical textbooks (from scanned handwriting); theses on, for example, the history of a paper mill in the north-west; a business thesis for an MBA.

  • Ability to read hand-written text and notes for copy typing.

  • Liaison with the client to discuss details of their life history and memoirs. Advice on how to present.

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