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Have you thought about writing your life story or memoirs? 

  • Do you want to write a chronological story, from your birth and early roots, up until the present day?

  • Or do you want to focus on a particular period in your life, or an experience? That could be a job or vocation, time spent abroad, or during wartime, or in a particular field such as music or sports.

There is plenty of advice available online, here's one link to get you started: How to write your life story

How will you record your memories?

  • You can handwrite them – we can assist with copy typing them, and maybe you can have them printed in a book.

  • You can record them – there are plenty of digital recorders available now, or even apps on a mobile phone. You can still use a cassette recorder though, if this is preferred. We can assist with transcription of audio.

  • You can type them yourself, of course.

How much will it cost?

In terms of handwriting, we would need to see a sample to provide a quote. For audio recording, it is charged per audio minute, so for example ten minutes would be charged at £12.00.

Please contact us here, if you would like help with the copy-typing of your handwriting, or the transcription of your audio recording.

For hiring a ghostwriter:

If you feel that you really need some help in terms of someone who will come and interview you, and provide a ghostwriting service, and arrange printing, then I am linking to a company below who can provide this dedicated service. They seem to have excellent reviews, but of course it is more expensive. However, we can still assist with the initial transcription or copy typing, of course.

Forever Stories

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