1. Your listener may be in a noisy environment, such as a cafe, on a train, or in a busy office.

  2. It may not be convenient to listen or to use headphones.

  3. They may be hard of hearing, or the audio may be quiet or unclear. Subtitles can also be generated if required.

  4. They may want to search for specific information quickly in a recording.

  5. They may want a record for reference, for legal reasons or to archive.

  6. They may prefer to read anyway, rather than to listen.

  7. The subject matter may be confidential.

  8. It can help people find your website and with SEO optimisation.

  9. Proper names, medical or technical terms can be checked for accurate spelling.

  10. The transcript can be used in research, case studies, further presentations, dissertations, and for many other purposes.