We have had several requests lately to transcribe memoirs and personal life stories. One of these was even published in a book. 

These can either be transcribed from handwriting or quite often people will record their memoirs via audio. 

We can also transcribe from historical books and archive material.

Please contact us for more details.

Memoir Presentation

If you are having your memoirs transcribed, or are having them transcribed for a loved one, think about how the finished document will look. It could be printed in a variety of formats on certain attractive paper types. 

  • Photographs could be included throughout the document to bring it further to life. 

  • Although this is not a service that we offer directly, there are various websites that offer a service to enhance the colour, quality and resolution of old photographs.

  • In addition, the memoirs can even be produced in a book format. Amazon Kindle Publishing offers this service and we can assist with setting up.